Ring of Elysium has been receiving quite a few updates the past several weeks! We get some sound, performance, UI, and a quite a few bug fixes. Check out the developer post below.

[Update: 12/22/2018]

Ring of Elysium’s live servers will go down for maintenance for approximately two hours at:
December 22nd, 16:00 to 18:00 PST (UTC -8)
December 23rd, 0:00 to 2:00 GMT (UTC +0)

During the maintenance period, the game will not be available and ongoing games will be interrupted directly. Please be prepared beforehand to avoid this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

New gamemode- From Dusk Till Dawn
  • In order to assure our players’ experience in the existing gamemode while we test and optimize this new gamemode in a progressive manner, we have decided to use a limited-time-only method to open and test From Dusk Till Dawn, this gamemode will be available for 3-time periods throughout the day (set in consideration for players in different regions)
    • This gamemode will be available every day at: 4:00-6:00, 12:00-14:00, 20:00-22:00 (PST)
    • During the test phase of this gamemode, the versions might be unstable and there might be some bugs that can occur, we sincerely appreciate your understanding and support. We'd also greatly appreciate any kind of suggestions and feedback from you at any time! Please send them to our official customer service E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please note: This gamemode will become available after today's server maintenance
Gamemode play-rules:
  • In the dark night, Ymir surge in stages, players must strive to maintain their body temperature levels and survive until dawn rises at the end of the game (around 20 minutes), leading to a victory
  • To survive, players need to compete with other players to fight for a variety of resources, including weapons and equipment, fuel, food and so on
  • When Ymir surges, players need to start a campfire indoors and stay close to the fire to maintain their body temperature. The campfire needs fuel to keep burning, and food can be consumed to restore health and help to survive the cold
  • All resource locations will be shown on the map, and the positions of all players will also be revealed at certain times, players will need to flexibly adjust their tactics and strategies in order to survive until dawn
  • Please note: The keybind for consumable food items in this gamemode are default to unbound, players can go to the game settings and set their preferred keybinds if needed

Event related
  • “Christmas Carnival Week” raffle event
    • During the event period (from December 24th to December 31st, 23:59), players can log-in to the game every day to participate in the reward raffle. From three reward cards, choose one and claim your awesome reward! This event will last for 8 days, if players participate in the raffle for 7 days, they will be guaranteed to win the Lynn- Christmas Style! Hikage’s special style will also be included in the potential reward list, however, Gavin’s special style will be introduced in the upcoming New Year event very soon, stay tuned!

Battle Buddy missions
  • After the launch of our "Refer-A-Friend" system, we are also launching the correlated Battle Buddy missions! The referrer and referred players can play together as Duos and Squads to complete missions to obtain bonus XP and even a special player portrait!

Adventurer Characters
  • Added the Christmas exclusive Adventurer Character styles for Lynn, Gavin and Hikage, which can be obtained in our events coming very soon

  • Optimized the gunfire sounds for Groza, Famas, G28, and Desert Eagle, bringing a more dynamic sound performance that is also pleasing to your ears
  • Slightly decreased the engine sound volume for players themselves while driving vehicles

  • Added lights for vehicles, the default keybind is H, players can set their own keybind through the game settings to turn on and turn off their vehicles’ lights

  • Replaced the 16-grid format on the map to 64-grid
  • Optimized the icon design in the loading screen

Weekly Challenges
  • Changed the rule of week seven’s challenge- “Board the helicopter in 3 games in Duo/Squad mode” from must boarding the helicopter yourself to anyone on the team. If players leave the game early and a teammate boards the helicopter, that player will still get the progress completion for this challenge

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a client crash caused by the physics system
  • Fixed an issue where going in/out of the aiming status will cause crosshair deviations in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where firing with the default weapon would not hit targets after joining a game after switching back to the default female character from Hikage
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon attachments wouldn’t show on third party characters in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Adrenaline Rush effect notification would incorrectly appear once again (this did not grant an actual buff effect) when a nearby player is knocked down/eliminated while already having the Adrenaline Rush effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Store interface would flicker for a split second after leaving a game and returning to the game lobby in some cases
  • Fixed the issue where certain vehicle spawn locations were too close to player spawn locations, causing the players to be eliminated by the vehicle after spawning on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the news display sequence in game lobby was incorrect after changing the game resolution or switching interfaces
  • Fixed an issue which caused model display glitches with Gavin’s Graffiti Artist styles
  • Fixed an issue which caused model display glitches with the default male character while wearing a mask
  • Fixed an issue where player bodies would still move around after being eliminated in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the sun and moon, etc. would display incorrectly when the Anti-aliasing option is set to “High”
  • Fixed an issue where the character model would incorrectly display at the background when leveling up tiers and unlock appearances under the Appearance interface
  • Fixed an issue where the loot point was incorrect in the restaurant buildings
  • Fixed an issue where an error would pop-up after clicking “Start Matchmaking”
  • Fixed an issue where under the Challenges interface the check icon was displayed incorrectly under non 1920x1080 resolutions
  • Attempted to fix an issue where players couldn’t see the evacuation helicopter during the last zone in games

[Update: 12/19/2018]

  • Slightly decreased the horizontal recoil for all weapons
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where switching back to the game process takes too long after switching to the desktop after a period of time under Fullscreen mode
[Update: 12/18/2018]

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally, third-party character models were displayed incorrectly under dual-core CPU environments
[Update: 12/15/2018]

  • Optimized the gunfire sounds for LVOA-C, AK47, Mosin, and AUG, bringing a more dynamic sound performance that is also pleasing to your ears
  • Added a landing sound effect for gliders for third party players
  • Allowed players to switch to other weapon types as well when under the status of only being able to use SMGs and pistols (on snowmobile, glider, and ziplines)
  • The game lobby will now remember your last played TPP and FPP matchmaking options
  • Optimized the weapon muzzle flash effects
  • Increased the limit of the “Vertical sensitivity ratio” option in settings from 100 to 150
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a client crash when switching between your desktop and the game process with Alt+Tab under Fullscreen mode (this crash only happened occasionally)
  • Fixed an issue which caused black screens when rapidly Alt+Tabbing between the game process and desktop under Fullscreen mode
  • Fixed an issue where the daily challenges UI was displayed incorrectly under 1920X1200 resolution
  • Fixed an issue where zones affected by Ymir on the map would continue to flicker when they are supposed to be static
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a new weapon while almost finishing a reload will also reload the newly picked up weapon under high network latency
[Update: 12/13/2018]

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a client crash when switching between your desktop and the game process with Alt+Tab under Fullscreen mode (this crash only happened occasionally)
  • Fixed an issue where the client had micro stutters in-game occasionally
Please note: If you are a Windows 10 user and is currently experiencing issues with having slow reaction speed when Alt+Tabbing under Fullscreen mode and not being able to drag items in the inventory interface, we suggest updating your Windows 10 to the latest version

[Update: 12/12/2018]

  • Added HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) support, this feature will provide better spatial sound positioning. This feature can be turned on in the sound options under game settings (the default is off)
    Please note: This feature is not completely stable, turning on HRTF will have a small possibility to cause the game client to crash, we will fix this issue in the future patches as soon as possible, thank you for your patience and understanding
  • Optimized the gunfire sounds for M4A1, R700, Vector, and MK12, bringing a more dynamic sound performance that is also pleasing to your ears
  • Optimized the fade-out effect at the end of vehicles' burning sounds, making it sound more natural

  • Increased the Alt+Tab reaction speed when switching between your desktop and the game process under Fullscreen mode
  • Credit related interface is no longer displayed in the character creation interface
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the game will freeze after entering a game with dual-core CPUs
  • Fixed a client crash under game lobby
  • Fixed an issue where knocking down/eliminating teammates will also trigger the Adrenaline Rush effect
  • Fixed an issue where the MPX's iron sight position was slightly off
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapon and pulley model glitches when getting on a zipline while holding SMGs and pistols
  • Fixed an issue where the referral code input box disappeared when returning to lobby after leaving the "Customize Face" interface
  • Fixed an issue where both the newspaper and the end-of-game statistics interface popped up after being eliminated in Solo mode
  • Fixed an issue where Referral Rewards interface didn't show time
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to see snow inside of the convenience stores
  • Fixed an issue where the ice bear model would flicker at far distances
  • Fixed an issue where items in the tent changed to the same red color as the carpet
  • Fixed an issue where certain tree trunks would be misplaced when switching LODs

You can find the original posts at the official Ring of Elysium Steam Community Hub.

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