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W Move Forward (double tap dodges forward)
A Turn Left (double tap dodges left)
S Move Backwards (double tap dodges backwards)
D Turn Right (double tap dodges right)
Q Strafe Left (double tap dodges left)
E Strafe Right (double tap dodges right)
V Dodge
R Auto Run
Unassigned Walk
Unassigned Swim Down
Unassigned About Face (180 Turn)
SHIFT+T Alert Target
CTRL+T Call Target
T Take Target
Unassigned Nearest Enemy
TAB Next Enemy
SHIFT+TAB Previous Enemy
Unassigned Nearest Ally
Unassigned Next Ally
Unassigned Previous Ally
Unassigned Lock Autotarget
Unassigned Snap Ground Target
Unassigned Toggle Snap Ground Target
Unassigned Disable Autotargeting
Unassigned Toggle Autotargeting
` Swap Weapons
1 Weapon Skill 1
2 Weapon Skill 2
3 Weapon Skill 3
4 Weapon Skill 4
5 Weapon Skill 5
6 Healing Skill
7 Utility Skill 1
8 Utility Skill 2
9 Utility Skill 3
0 Elite Skill
F1 Profession Skill 1
F2 Profession Skill 2
F3 Profession Skill 3
F4 Profession Skill 4
F5 Profession Skill 5
- Special Action

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