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Snow Map - RoE

The Sheriff's Shelter is not on the original in-game map, it is more of an "Easter Egg" of sorts and is needed to complete one of the challenges for Season One - Week 3. See grid 3-AB above.

Sheriff's Shelter Location - RoE

Traverse Packs

Snow Map - RoE Use the hang glider to glide through the air.

Press [F] or [Space] when you are in the air to enable the hang glider.
Snow Map - RoE Use the snowboard to move at high speed in the snow.

Press [T] to enable the snowboard.
Snow Map - RoE Use an ice axe to climb certain cliffs and use a pulley to slide up or down on the zipline.

When you are close to a climbable rock or a rope, press [F] to use.